Eco Council

Meet our Eco-Council:

Poppy Taylor (Y2)

Pixie Bourne (Y2)

Gabriella Pomorski (Y3)

Grace Wolfenden (Y3)

Erica Greenwood (Y4)

Jack Reynolds (Y4)

Emine Retana Hassan (Y5) 

Joe Clarke (Y5)

Jacob Davidson-Martin (Y6)

Hareem Galil (Y6)


Over the last week, our school have been taking part in the Fab Food project. Mr Chalmers came into school to work with the Eco-Council during lunch times to weigh the food waste. We recorded the results and will compare these to results that we will take at the end of the project to see if our food waste decreases.

We have our Menu Magic assembly coming up on the 11th October and a week of afternoon intervention activities to help us to become more aware of the food that we waste.