Squirrel Class

The Year 1 children enjoyed playing a maths game in the outdoor area. They added together their totals to see who could achieve the highest score. 

We worked in small groups to collage and paint pictures of the Creation story. 

We went into our new outdoor area for Reading For Pleasure this week!

We had a great time at the farm! We fed and stroked the animals and even saw some lambs that had only just been born. 

We enjoyed our activity, reading the Three Little Pigs. We got to make a straw, stick and brick house in the woods which the wolf came and blew down! 

The tractor ride was very bumpy but was good fun!

We loved dressing up as sailors and explorers to complete our "Ahoy There" topic. We did lots of activities including making our own boats and testing whether they floated and were waterproof. 

We had a great day dressed as Stone Age Hunter Gatherers!

We did lots of activities in class such as: made clay pots and houses, made split pin mammoths, had our own archaeological dig and we even had our own cave! We could make our own cave paintings on the wall in the cave with chalks!

We have been using this website to learn all about Hunter Gatherers. Follow the link and take a look, it will help with your homework too...




In Class 2, we have been learning about Hunter Gatherers. We made axes using paper mache and sticks that we collected. We also made Stone Age jewellery using pasta that we painted white to represent the bones that were used.


In Science, we made people out of play dough to discover the functions of skeletons. We made one person without a skeleton then added a "skeleton" to test the functions of skeletons.

We also investigated heart rates in Science. We took our pulse before exercise then completed some activities. After these, we took our pulse again to see how our bodies were affected by exercise.