Squirrel Class

We have been learning about seasides in the past and comparing them to the present. At the end of our topic, we had a beach day! We had lots of fun going fishing, making kites, painting, making puppet shows and best of all, eating chip cobs and ice cream for dinner!

We have been investigating in Science. For this investigation, Miss Hughes asked us how many children we could fit into a piece of A4 paper! We used trial and error and our "I can , I will" motto to complete this investigation and not give up! In the end, Miss Hughes showed us how to do it and we fit all of the Squirrels, Hedgehogs and some of the Badgers into the piece of paper - we fit 54 children inside!! We had lots of fun investigating this question.

We made games as part of our home learning. We enjoyed teaching the Hedgehog class how to play them and had a lovely afternoon looking at the games. 

We have been learning to use the Singapore Bar Model to add and subtract. It helps us to see the calculations visually and helps to find out what we need to do. It was really useful to find out missing numbers.