Hedgehog Class

Welcome to Hedgehog Class. Have a look below at some of the learning that has been taking place in our class. 

Christmas Elf 

Our Christmas Elf has returned. Today he brought us a book and a dvd. They both told us all about where he comes from and what he will be doing whilst he is with us. We have named him Snowflake. Check back soon for updates on what our Elf has been up to :) 

Today our elf brought some magic snow back from the North Pole and made a snow angel. 

Snowflake has been up to no good again. Today he turned all of our banana into minions!! 

Yesterday Snowflake left us some magic seeds and told us to plant them in cotton wool. We did as he asked and this morning were amazed as they had all turned into candy canes!!! 

Christmas 2017

 We are thoroughly enjoying all of our Christmas activities. 

Children In Need

We enjoyed a day of Children in Need activities and raised lots of money for the charity.

Muddy Monday

We enjoyed our first Muddy Monday session. We created a story circle, listened to an Autumn story, hunted for signs that it was Autumn and made Autumnal stained glass windows.