Hedgehog Class

Welcome to Hedgehog Class. Have a look below at some of the learning that has been taking place in our class. 

Shape, Space and Measure

 This half-term we have been doing all of the shape, space and measure elements of Maths. We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, height, length, weight, capacity, money and time. Have a look at the photos below which show you some of the activities which we have been doing. 

Welly Wednesday

Reception children enjoyed looking for animal footprints in the snow during our forest school session today. We found lots of different footprints and some animal homes too. 

World Book Day

We enjoyed celebrating World Book Day  we came to school dressed as book characters and enjoyed lots of different activities. We completed challenge number 7 from our Reach for the Stars Challenge and read Mrs Bunniss' favourite story with a blue cover; Whatever Next  

Medieval Day

We thoroughly enjoyed our medieval day. We dressed up as medieval characters, we made castles out of biscuits, we had a medieval banquet and did some medieval dancing  we also had a veryspecial delivery from Richard the Lionhart's dragon telling us that we had all graduated Knights School. Have a look at some photos from the day below.

Pancake Day

We enjoyed celebrating pancake day today. Have a look below at some of the activities which we took part in. 


Reception children have been enjoying their Bikeability sessions on the balance bikes. They have been learning how to move the bikes using dinosaur steps, how to weave and how to glide. 

Who Lives in a House Like This?

This half-term we are learning about castles. We had a very special letter from Sir Richard the Lionheart and have enrolled in knight school! We have been taking every opportunity to practice our skills so that we can graduate as Knights. 

We are thoroughly enjoying knight school. We have designed our own coats of arms, been learning a medieval dance and tested Merlin's Magic potion.