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Welcome to our website!

We are a small village school set in large grounds with super children, friendly staff and supportive parents and governors!

Our school ethos is to create a safe, caring, happy and stimulating learning environment where everyone feels valued and included in our school family. Our school motto 'We can... We will!' highlights our drive to aim for personal excellence in all we do!

Our committed staff provide an environment where individual needs are met to enable all our children to achieve their full potential and equip them with life skills necessary to prepare them for their future... And for them to leave each day with a smile on their face!

If you would like to book an appointment t come and look at our school in action, please ring to book an appointment.

Thank you for visiting!

Mrs Carla Norris (Headteacher)

Squirrel Class

Week commencing: 29/6/2020

Hi everyone!! Well done for another super week of work! I hope you are all still keeping safe and enjoying this lovely weather too! Remember to email me any pictures of your work or anything that you have been getting up to and I can share them on the website with your friends! : )


  • Play the times tables games on Purple Mash set as a To Do.
  • I have attached a Summer Activity Booklet for maths to the bottom of this week’s work. Choose 2 pages per week for the next 3 weeks to complete. The booklet is a revision of work that you have completed over the year during your time in year 2.


  • Play the next two cloze activities on Purple Mash set as a To Do.
  • Read the story “Jake’s first day” on the comprehension attached. When you have read the story, discuss it with an adult and then answer the comprehension questions (the second set of questions or the third for a challenge). Remember to use the story and the text to help you find your answers.


  • This is the final week of your seaside topic work. Make a final piece of work to show everything that you have learned about seaside’s in the past compared to seaside’s in the present. You might choose to make a picture of each, a presentation to show your learning, a video of yourself presenting what you have learned, a model of a seaside, a poster with pictures and facts – it is completely up to you how you present your work.

Week commencing: 22/6/2020


Hi everyone!! Well done for another super week of learning!! It’s great to see you all working so hard still! I hope you have all had a good week despite the rainy and stormy weather! Keep up the great work!



  • On Purple Mash, play the Musical Chairs game to answer questions about the 3 times table. Also play the Speed Trial games to test your recall of your 2, 5 and 10 times tables.
  • Using the attached sheet, complete the multiplication word problems. Write the calculation and then find the answer. Remember that you can use arrays to work out your answers – draw dots in columns and rows to represent the calculation – see the example on the worksheet. The example on the sheet shows 6x5 so the array shows 6 rows of dots, 5 times. Then count the dots to identify the answer. You can also count in 5’s.


  • Complete the next two phonics cloze activities on Purple Mash.
  • Using the attached sheet, “History of seaside holidays,” choose one of the 3 comprehensions and answer the questions about seaside’s in the past. Remember to find your answers in the text.


  • Using the attached sheet “Seaside comparison past and present,” complete the venn diagram. Anything that is the same about seaside’s in the past and present should go in the centre of the diagram where the circles overlap. Something that is different should go in the circle that says either past or present.

Week commencing: 15/6/2020

Hey everyone, thanks for sending over your super learning this week!! I’m really proud of your work and it’s great to see you all still working so hard! Keep up the super work, I hope you’re all keeping safe and well!



  • Using the attached sheet, answer the word problems – decide if you should add or subtract and choose your own strategies to complete the calculations – remember that you can draw your working out (tens and ones sticks), use column method, count in your head, count on or back in tens and then ones.
  • Play the three “musical chairs” games on Purple Mash to practise your 2, 5 and 10 times tables.


  • Following the Magic Grandad video clip, use “the promenade” as the title for a paragraph of information. Write sentences about the promenade in the past to inform someone of what it used to be like. If you want a challenge, you could also write a paragraph about what it is like in the present there. Draw and label a picture of the promenade on your information text page.
  • Using Purple Mash, play the two phonics games – you need to decide which sound (phoneme) you need to put in the word to make it make sense.


  • Watch the Magic Grandad “The Promenade” clip using the link below. Using ideas from the video and what you might have seen if you have visited a promenade, design your own – what type of things would be on your promenade? Draw a picture of your promenade and label what you would have there.

Week commencing: 8/6/2020

Hi everyone!! I hope everyone is well and keeping safe! Thanks for sending over your work last week, it was great to see you all working so hard and continuing to complete your online learning!

Keep up the great work!!


  • Complete the “Calculation” assessment on Education City – like the measurement quiz you completed, it is nothing to worry about. When the assessment is complete, Education City will make a revision guide based on questions you found more difficult. Try to use strategies we learned in class like counting on in tens, draw your working out, talk through your working out, column method, draw tens and ones.
  • On Topmarks Education, play the game “place value basketball.” Choose numbers up to 99 and if you want to challenge yourself, choose numbers to 999. Count the tens and ones to find out the answer.


  • Watch the video “Check please” on Education City about commas and apostrophes. Remember that in contractions, the naughty apostrophe eats the letters and takes their place in a word e.g. do not = don’t. When you have watched the video, play the game “Check please.”
  • Choose one topic from the Magic Grandad videos that you have watched so far. Use the topic as your heading and write a paragraph of information about what you have learned. Remember to include facts. You will complete similar tasks each week and by the end of the unit, you will have made your own information text about seaside’s in the past. You can draw and label a picture of your topic too.
  • Don't forget to practise your spellings for this half term too - see below! 


  • Watch the Magic Grandad “The beach” video using the link provided. Split a piece of paper in half and label each column as seaside’s in the past and seaside’s in the present. Make notes about what you used to be able to do in the “past” column and how it has changed in the “present” column. Is there anything that is the same or similar?

Week commencing: 1/6/2020

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well and enjoyed some down time over half term week! And I hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather!!

This term, our topic was going to be “at the seaside” so all of our topic learning will tasks will be based around this. English and Maths tasks will continue to be set weekly according to what we would have covered during the term.

We are still missing you all lots and hope you’re all keeping safe!



  • Using your knowledge of adding and number bonds, play the “Bond bubbles” game on Purple Mash. On the left hand side, it will tell you what you need to add to and match bubbles to equal this amount.
  • After you have watched the Magic Grandad video for our topic work, make a tally chart of what people in your family would like to do the most at the seaside in the past (choose 4 activities to tally) and then transfer your tally data to the graphs on Purple Mash. Use the table below to help you set out your tally chart.




e.g. Punch and Judy



e.g. Merry-go-round











  • Using the character that you designed in the last learning tasks, and using your story plan, write a story involving your character. Don’t forget to try to start sentences with different words and remember to use adjectives to make your story even more exciting. You can use the story tool on purple mash to write your story or you can write it on paper.
  • Watch the video “Check out my shopping” on Education City about using commas in a list and then play “River deep” game on Education City using knowledge from the video.


  • Watch the magic grandad video using the link below. Draw/paint a picture to show what you learned about entertainment at seaside’s in the past. What was there to do? Represent one of the entertainments in your picture.

Week commencing: 25/5/2020

Hi everyone, well done for another amazing week of work! I’m really proud of you all for the work that you’ve been doing! Thanks to those who sent over your character designs and story plans, I’m really looking forward to reading your stories (don’t worry about writing them yet, they will be one of next week’s tasks).

I have made a little gallery of some of the science work from last week and some of the character designs from this week! Thanks again for sending over your super work!

I hope you have all had a lovely week and have a great half term! Keep safe!


  • Choose a book that you have read during the lockdown period and write a book review using the template below.
  • Continue to practise your spellings using the link from a few weeks ago.
  • Practise your 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables – remember to mix them up so that you know them in any order when you are asked e.g. 2x5, 2x1, 2x10.

Week commencing: 18/5/2020

Hi everyone!! Thank you for the super work from last week! You’re all doing so brilliantly with your home learning and I am so proud of what you have been doing!

We’re missing you all lots still but it’s great to hear from you and see photos of your learning! Keep up the amazing work!


  • Purple Mash – Mixed Addition problems. Solve the addition calculations to finish the snail race.
  • Purple Mash – Mixed Subtraction problems. Solve the subtraction calculations to finish the snail race.

For both games, try to solve the problems in your head or draw them on paper to help with your working out.


  • Look at the picture of the egg below. Think about what type of animal might hatch from the egg – it can be real or you can make up your own animal. When you have decided, draw a picture of the animal and write words around the edge to describe your animal.
  • Using the planning sheet I have attached with the egg picture, plan a short story (which you will write in the next week of home learning) that includes the animal that you have created. Think about the characters that will be in your story, where it will happen and the beginning, middle and end of the story.


  • Purple Mash – Properties of Materials. Choose objects using the pictures. Think about what they are made from and write a sentence to describe the object, what it is made from and why it might be made from this e.g. the bike helmet is made from plastic because it is hard and can protect your head.

Week commencing: 11/5/2020

Hi everyone! Thank you again for the brilliant work that you sent over last week! I hope you all enjoyed celebrating VE day on Friday and that you’re all keeping safe and well! I have put up some photos of your celebrations and shared some of ours too! We are still missing you all lots but glad that you are all keeping safe and well!

Keep safe everyone and keep up your amazing work!


  • Education City – Measures assessment – although this activity is called assessment, please don’t worry about it, treat it more of a quiz that the children can be supported with!
  • NRICH investigation - follow the link to find the investigation. The children must give you a reason for their answer!


  • Purple Mash - Using your knowledge from the topic work in Autumn 2, nocturnal animals, write a short report on the purple mash template. You can draw your own pictures on the screen or use images and add information about the animals you decide to write about. Remember to use key words from the words box.
  • Education City – Identify the verb in each sentence. Remember that verbs are “doing words,” ask yourself the question “can it be done?”


  • Education City – play the game “Granny’s House” and use the properties described to choose the best material for the job.
  • Find a range of materials around your house to describe their properties. Draw around your hands and on each finger, describe a different material – write the material (or draw it) and write one word to describe its properties e.g. smooth, rough, soft, hard, shiny, waterproof, absorbent. Use some of the words to describe properties that you identified on the Education City game.

I have also uploaded the spelling pack link again. The pack for this term is pack 3a and next term's will be part of 3a and moving into pack 3b. 

Week commencing: 4/5/2020

Hi everyone! Thanks again for the amazing work that you’ve been doing this week! It looks like you all had lots of fun measuring the people in your household!

Thank you to everyone for the lovely video that you made for the Stanton staff – we loved it and there were lots of tears!! We’re missing you all so much!!

I have uploaded the link to the new spelling list for this half term – Spelling term 3A overview. Please complete one list per week.

Have a great week everyone, keep safe and keep up the super work!!


  • Capacity game - “Can you fill it?” Fill the containers without them overflowing.
  • Capacity using non-standard measures: Find a range of containers in your house that you can fill with water. Using a small cup, estimate how many cups of water will fit in each container. When you have finished estimating, test to see if you were correct.


  • In English, we learned about prefixes. These are words like “un” and “dis” that are put at the start of a root word to change its meaning e.g. “fair” changes to “unfair,” “appear” changes to “disappear.” Use the activity on Purple Mash to complete the sentences using the correct prefix.
  • Using the photographs of VE day below, describe the pictures. Use noun phrases e.g. the excited people, the old car. Describe what you see, what you might hear, what you might smell etc.


On Friday, we will be celebrating VE day – 75 years since the end of World War 2. In school, we were going to hold a street party to celebrate and learn together. As we are unable to do this, we would like you to celebrate in your own way at home. Look through the Powerpoint that explains what VE day is and dress up in red, white or blue on Friday. You could hold your own party, make cakes to celebrate, colour in the GB flag, make bunting or choose activities to celebrate in your own way. Please send photos of your celebrations and we can create an album on the class page to show what your friends have been doing to celebrate!

Here is a link to the website with the Powerpoint, I will try to upload it here but am having technical issues!

  • Write a short report about VE day – use a heading, tell me what it is, why it is celebrated and what happened on 8th May 1945. Draw your own picture with a caption to show what is being celebrated.

There are some activities on the Powerpoint that you could also try – make a radio news report, write a postcard and some reflection activities.

  • I have also uploaded some sports activities for you to complete. These are from Derbyshire School Games and are some ideas of how to keep active. Remember to follow the link to Cosmic Yoga too (below in the suggested sites section)! 

A few people have been asking about extra reading to complete at home. I have uploaded a link to Twinkl comprehension activities for your children to complete alongside the class work for this week! If you click on the comprehension you wish to complete, you can sign up for free during lockdown to download the comprehension activity.

At the bottom of the class page, there is also the list of useful websites to use to support extra learning. 

The school's calculation policy has been uploaded onto the website. You can find it under "downloads" and "policies." This will support you when working with your child/ren at home and demonstrates the strategies that we use in school and in which year group. 

Week commencing: 27/4/2020

Well done for the fantastic work you completed last week!! I really enjoyed looking through videos and photos of your investigations – it looks like you had lots of fun conducting them!  :) I have created another album of all of the super work that you did last week! 

Thank you for all of the lovely comments regarding the staff video – if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the home page of the school website! 

I hope that you’re all keeping safe and are all well!



  • Measure the height of the people who live in your house. Record their height in metres and centimetres. Put the measurements in order of smallest to tallest.
  • Conduct an experiment with members of your house to prove whether my statements are true or false…collect as much data as you can to prove it!


                                      “The length of your forearm is always the same length as your foot.”

                                       “The length of your arm span is not the same length as your height.”



  • Purple mash – apostrophes game – possessive apostrophe and the apostrophe to contract words.
  • See the picture below – this is an enchanted tunnel and can take you anywhere when you walk through it. Write a story about travelling through the tunnel (make sure you use lots of super descriptions) and in your story, tell me where the tunnel took you, what your character or you did there, what it looked like, who or what lived there etc.


  • We’ve had lots of lovely weather this week but on the weather forecast it says it is meant to rain a little next week. I will need to take my umbrella out when I go for a walk around the block but it has a hole in it. Choose some materials in your house that you think might be waterproof, test them and see which would be the best material for me to use to patch up my umbrella.

Well done for all of the wonderful work that you have done so far this week!! On the front page of the website, you will find a video from us to you...enjoy!! :D 

Week commencing: 20/4/2020

Hi everyone!! I hope you’ve all enjoyed lots of Easter fun over the last few weeks (and that you haven’t all eaten your chocolate already)! Thank you for those of you who sent in photos of your activities again, it was fab to see you having such a lovely time! 

This term, our topic work will revolve around testing materials and their properties, Maths will focus on measuring and practising strategies to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. English will focus on some creative writing, report writing and some SPAG skills.

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoy the activities set this week! I am missing you all lots and can’t wait to see you all!

Keep safe!


  • Education City: Slithering heights – order and compare lengths
  • Find objects around your house and put them in order according to their length and weight – lightest to heaviest and shortest to longest (you only need to estimate these). Extension – if you have scales or a rule/tape measure, measure the length and weight of each object.


  • Education City: Possessive obsession – a game using the possessive apostrophe
  • Write a short report about your Topic investigation. Include materials section, what you predicted, what you found out.


  • Find a range of toys/objects in your house that are made from different materials e.g. metal, plastic, fabric, wood, cardboard, paper etc. Predict whether you think these materials will float or sink and then test them. Record your predictions before you test the materials and then compare your findings from your experiment to your predictions. Take lots of photos and try not to splash too much!!

Week commencing: 6/4/2020

Hi everyone!! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful work that you sent to me last week! I really enjoyed looking at what you’ve been up to and am so proud of the work that you’ve all been producing! I’m missing being in school with you all but am glad that you’re all keeping safe!

This week, I haven’t set the normal learning work as it is the Easter holiday. Instead, I have outlined some Easter and spring activity ideas that you could do at home (you don't have to do them all). Also, don’t forget to use the yellow slips in your reading record to support the development of your comprehension skills! These activities are for the two weeks and I will post some more learning tasks the week commencing: 20/4/2020.

I've also put together an album of the work that you have been sending me so take a look at what your friends have been doing for their home learning! :) 

Stay safe! 

Mrs Roberts

Extreme reading challenge:

  • Take a photo of you reading in an unusual place. If you email these to me, I can put them in a folder on the Squirrel Class page so that you can see each other’s unusual places.


  • Decorate an egg and send me a photo.
  • When you have decorated your egg, conduct an experiment to see if you can protect your egg using materials from home. When you think it is well protected, make a prediction – do you think it will break? Drop it with its wrapping on (outside) and see how well protected it was. Was your prediction correct?
  • Cut up an egg box and make a chicken (see picture below).
  • Make a sock puppet rabbit (see picture below).


  • Use the link to read the Easter story. Make stick puppets and retell the Easter story to someone in your family.
  • Topic project – look around outside and use the internet to research signs of spring. In your own way, present what you saw – this could be through a PowerPoint presentation, art work, make your own book and write a spring fact-file, a video news report etc.

Take a look at some of the work that your friends have been doing at home! 

Week commencing: 30/3/2020

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good week and are keeping safe and well! Well done to you all for the amazing work that you’ve been doing from home! I’m really impressed with what you’ve been doing and it’s been great for me to keep in touch by seeing what you’ve been working on! J Keep up the great work!!


·   Make up some prices under £1 and stick them on items in your house. Play shops and give change from £1 (keep the numbers round e.g. 20p, 60p, 75p), these will be easier to work out the change. Remember that you can use your knowledge of tens and ones to take away the amount from £1 (100-75=) etc.

·   Purple Mash to do – money


·   Education City task – contracting words e.g. do not = don’t

·   Using the picture below, write a short story. Think of a beginning, middle and an end and make sure you remember to check your work for sense. Include adjectives in your story. When you have finished, you can email me your story if you wrote it on the computer or take a photo of your written work and email it over too! I'd love to read what you've written! :) 


·   Research what essential things plants need to grow and be healthy. Make a poster (drawn or on the computer) to show what you have found out.

Week commencing: 23/3/2020 


Please complete the following two tasks during the week. 

  • Find as many ways to make £1 as possible using 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p coins.
  • Purple Mash 2Do - money. 


Please complete the following two tasks during the week. 

  •  Using any book, identify 5 nouns (names of people, places and objects), 5 adjectives (words used to describe a noun), 5 verbs (things you can do) and 3 adverbs (how the verb is done). 
  • Use Purple Mash 2Do - 2Create a story - write a story about Peter Rabbit or retell The Tale of Peter Rabbit. 


  • Identify a range of plants in your garden. Discuss what the parts of the plants are and what their function is. 


 If you have any queries about the above learning activities, you can contact me via email for support at:


New work will be posted on the website by midday each Monday except during the official holidays. Please check the website for work updates and remember to use the websites below to access further learning. 


Please use the spelling lists to continue to practise the year 2 spellings using the link: 

Packs: Term 3A overview, Term 3B Overview (summer term spellings). See spelling books for Spring 2 spellings. 1 list per week. 

Remember to use the targets sent home in the parents evening notes. These are essential skills that the children need to use and master by the end of the year. Please do these alongside the tasks set above! 


We have prepared a list of useful websites that you can access from home with free membership during the time your child is off school. 

Please use these as an extra learning resource as and when you need to:

 Access the pack for home learning.

username: march20

password: home

 Make a record of books that you have read in the back of your reading record.

 NumBots accessible through Timestable Rockstars

 Access packs for home learning.

Access packs for home learning.

Use Cosmic Kids Yoga to keep active and practise mindfulness. 




We had lots of fun playing in the snow just before half term! 

At the end of the half term, we enjoyed a topic enrichment day. We finished our learning about New Zealand by writing riddles about animals in New Zealand, by making ANZAC biscuits and also learning about ANZAC day and we made Maori headbands. We enjoyed learning the Haka and being scary Maori warriors!

We enjoyed our sleepover on Friday night! We went on a torchlight walk through the school grounds and found lots of nocturnal animals in their homes. We made some nocturnal animal pictures and did lots of craft. We even made a hedgehog out of a mini roll! 

At night time, we watched The Wind in the Willows and had hot chocolate and marshmallow kebabs and Miss Hughes read us a story to go to sleep to - it didn't work and we were awake for a long time! 

In the morning, we woke up very early and made paper chains before we had breakfast. 

We enjoyed printing with fruit. Before this lesson, we learned about the primary colours and mixed them to make secondary colours. We used these new skills to mix colours to print our fruit. 

Look at our first day back activities. We learned to play dominoes and enjoyed painting and playing on the whiteboard.