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Welcome to our website!

We are a small village school set in large grounds with super children, friendly staff and supportive parents and governors!

Our school ethos is to create a safe, caring, happy and stimulating learning environment where everyone feels valued and included in our school family. Our school motto 'We can... We will!' highlights our drive to aim for personal excellence in all we do!

Our committed staff provide an environment where individual needs are met to enable all our children to achieve their full potential and equip them with life skills necessary to prepare them for their future... And for them to leave each day with a smile on their face!

If you would like to book an appointment t come and look at our school in action, please ring to book an appointment.

Thank you for visiting!

Mrs Carla Norris (Headteacher)

Squirrel Class

Please don't hesitate to contact me at 

Seaside Day:

 We all enjoyed our seaside day last week. We made sandcastles, went fishing in rockpools, played bat and ball games and tin can alley and we sorted sentences and word types about the seaside. We also made mosaic beach huts from coloured paper. For lunch, we had chip cobs and then ice-cream in the style of hokey-pokeys from the past. 

Olympic Day:

 Last week, we enjoyed an Olympic Day where we took part in lots of different activities. We had lots of fun working in teams in our bubble to complete the activities. We also made olive leaf crowns and Olympic flags.

World Book Day: 

 I hope that you have all enjoyed World Book Day! It's great to see that some of you dressed up for the day and thank you for getting involved with the sponsored read!! 

I have uploaded the video of me reading my favourite book from when I was little below so I hope you enjoy it as much as I used to! 

Enjoy the rest of the day and remember that if you want to send across any photos of you dressed up to share on the class page, please upload them to Seesaw or email them to me and also remember to send any photos to myself or Mrs Bunniss for the extreme readers challenge! 

Week commencing: 1/3/2021

 Hi Squirrels, 

Well done for your fantastic home learning last week!! The Maths work in particular was quite tricky and you all did so amazingly with your learning! We are so proud of you for your effort and home learning! Well done! 

This is your final week of home learning - we're very much looking forward to seeing your smiling faces again. There are lots of PSHE activities for you to complete which you can share next week with your friends when you are back in school! 

It is also World Book Day on Thursday so there are lots of themed activities planned for you! If you dress up for the day, be sure to send some photos so that we can share them on the class page with your friends. There is also the sponsored reading challenge (see the sheet below - Ready, steady read parent document) for World Book Day too. 

Lookout on the website on Thursday for a video of me reading one of my favourite books from when I was little too! 

The file lists are split in two below - one is the work for this week and the second is for World Book Day. You can also find work on Seesaw.

Have a fantastic week, keep up your amazing work and keep safe!! 

 Ready Steady Read Parent Documents For Website[9130].pdfDownload
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 week 2.docxDownload
 Time reasoning.pdfDownload
 Springo 1.pdfDownload
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 character selfies.pdfDownload
 Extreme Reading - Lockdown Edition[2840][9132].pptxDownload
 Name that story.pdfDownload
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Look at some of the amazing work you've all been doing! I'm so proud of you all! Well done! 

 2021JAN Netflex Home Workouts[7889].pdfDownload
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Week commencing: 22/2/2021

Hi Squirrels, 

I hope that you're all well, keeping safe and enjoyed the half term break! 

This week, we are starting to learn about time. We will be sequencing events in the day, learning o'clock, half past, quarter past/to and to tell the time using 5 minute intervals. In English, we will learn about poetry for 2 weeks based around the theme of spring. 

Like at the end of last term, I have split the file list into two lists - the first contains all of the English and Maths work and the second contains all of the phonics. All of the files are in order of when you will need them. English and Maths work can also be found on Seesaw. Pictures for the English work on Thursday can be found below the file list and also on Seesaw along with photos of the poem we are using in the text map.   

As part of our afternoon work, we will be learning about signs of spring, some stories from the Bible and about how to stay safe online. 

You will find the videos to support our time learning and the text map below the file list along with the David and Goliath video, the NetFlex document and this week's French video. You will also find the link to Epic here - this week there are some books about spring to read. 

Have a fantastic week and keep up your amazing learning! 


World Book Week: it is world book week next week and we have lots of lovely activities for the children to access from home to celebrate world book week. One of the activities is a sponsored read to raise money to buy some lovely books for school. I have uploaded a letter, sponsorship form and reading log for you to download if your child is able to take part in the sponsored reading challenge (they are all one document named "Ready, steady, read parent document." I'm looking forward to telling you more about all of the other exciting activities next week! 

 week 1.docxDownload
 Monday - time facts.pdfDownload
 Monday - yesterday, today, tomorrow.pdfDownload
 Tuesday boxing up .pdfDownload
 Tuesday - daily routine sequencing.pdfDownload
 Tuesday o'clock.PNGDownload
 Wednesday boxing up.pdfDownload
 Wednesday half past.PNGDownload
 Wednesday challenge.PNGDownload
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 oo grid.pdfDownload
 oo phoneme spotter.pdfDownload
 ee grid.pdfDownload
 ee phoneme spotter.pdfDownload
 ou grid.pdfDownload
 ou phoneme spotter.pdfDownload
 oi grid.pdfDownload
 oi phoneme spotter.pdfDownload
 er grid.pdfDownload
 er phoneme spotter.pdfDownload
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Here are pictures of some of you enjoying the outdoors and playing in the snow....! 


Week commencing: 8/2/2021

Hi Squirrels, 

Wow! What a fabulous week of learning last week! I am so, so  proud of you all and want to thank you and your parents for working so hard for the past half term! You are all amazing! 

This is our last week of home learning until after the half term break and this week we have some topic days. We would normally have had a topic day in school for our New Zealand Adventure so I have planned some activities for you to choose from to complete at home on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Friday, it is Chinese New Year so our learning on Thursday and Friday afternoon is all based around Chinese New Year. Again, choose some of the activities to complete at home to learn about how and why Chinese New Year is celebrated. 

You can find this week's PSHE video - Sylvia and bird below the file list and also the Netflex document and this week's French video. The story of Peewee the Kiwi can also be found here. I have also uploaded some of the riddles that you wrote last week, have a look through them and see if you can guess which bird your friends have described. 

I have split the file lists into 3 groups this week - the first file list includes all of the Phonics, English and Maths work for the week in order of when you will need them - the English and Maths work can also be found on Seesaw. The second file list includes the New Zealand topic work and the final file list includes the Chinese New Year activities. 

The link to the Epic website is: Epic | The Leading Digital Library for Kids | Unlimited Access to 40,000 of the Best Children's Books & Learning Videos ( and the class code can be found on Seesaw

If you need anything, please don't hesitate to contact me! Have a fantastic week and enjoy all of the topic activities - please send across any photos of your learning to share with your friends on our class gallery! 

Keep up the amazing work! 

 week 6.pdfDownload
 Monday un and dis prefixes.pdfDownload
 Monday Catrina's cards.pdfDownload
 igh grid.pdfDownload
 igh phoneme spotter.pdfDownload
 Tuesday prefixes sorting.pdfDownload
 Tuesday the amazing splitting plant.PNGDownload
 Tuesday key questions.PNGDownload
 ai grid.pdfDownload
 ai phoneme spotter.pdfDownload
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 Captain Cook information.pdfDownload
 Topic day ANZAC biscuits.pdfDownload
 Topic day ANZAC day.pptxDownload
 Topic day Captain Cook.pdfDownload
 Topic day headband 1.jpgDownload
 Topic day headband.PNGDownload
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 Chinese dragon template.pdfDownload
 Chinese new year celebrations.pptDownload
 Chinese new year story.pptxDownload
 Dragon Dance.aviDownload
 Lion mask.pdfDownload
 Paper lantern template.pdfDownload
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Have a look at these riddles that some of your friends have made. Can you guess which bird from New Zealand they have described? 


Week commencing: 1/2/2021

Hi Squirrels, 

Well done for the amazing work that you have completed over the last few weeks! I have created a gallery of all of your fabulous learning - have a look at what you've all been up to! Well done! I am so proud of you all and have loved looking through everything you've been doing! 

This week, I have uploaded some of the work onto Seesaw - you will need to login using the QR code I sent to you each individually last week. If you are not confident with using Seesaw or would prefer to work on paper, please do whatever is best for you - I have uploaded all of the work as a file list too! 

The video for "Ruby's worry" and explaining "Singapore bar model/part-whole model" can be found below the file list along with the Netflex document and this week's French video - animals in French. I have also attached some non-screen activities below as well as the Ruby's worry work to support mental health during Children's Mental Health Week this week. There is also a link for Seesaw support if you are getting used to the website. 

We're missing you all lots in school but hope that you are all keeping safe and well! Keep up your amazing work and have a great week! 

 week 5.pdfDownload
 Ruby's Worry.pdfDownload
 Monday missing number problems.pdfDownload
 Tuesday boxing up.pdfDownload
 Tuesday missing number problems.pdfDownload
 top trumps.pngDownload
 Wednesday problem solving.pdfDownload
 hoiho penguin.pdfDownload
 kakapo birds.pdfDownload
 Example riddle.pdfDownload
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Access these non-screen activities as part of activities during Children's Mental Health Week. 

 non-screen activities you can do at home 1.pdfDownload
 non-screen activities you can do at home 2.pdfDownload
 non-screen activities you can do at home 3.pdfDownload
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Week commencing: 25/1/2021

Hi Squirrel class! 

I hope you are all ok and that you've had lots of fun playing out in the snow today! What a lovely surprise to see all of the snow come this morning! 

Well done for all of the amazing work that you completed last week! I am so pleased with the effort that you have all put into your online learning and couldn't be more proud of you! We are all missing seeing you every day at school but hope that you are all well and keeping safe! 

You will be able to find the Netflex document under the story, the "Invisible string." The story is underneath the documents list for this week. See the Youtube clip to learn about fruits and vegetables in French. 

Keep up all of your amazing work! Have a great week and keep safe! 

Look out later in the week for photos of the great work that you've all been doing!! 

 Monday doubling.pdfDownload
 Tuesday Speech marks activity.pdfDownload
 Tuesday Speech Marks.pptDownload
 Tuesday halving.pdfDownload
 Tui fact sheet.pdfDownload
 Kea fact sheet.pdfDownload
 Fantail fact sheet.pdfDownload
 Tuesday fact file.pdfDownload
 Wednesday Speech bubble examples.pdfDownload
 Wednesday Speech bubble.pdfDownload
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Use the NETFLEX document below to keep you active at home!

French fruit and vegetables: 

(476) Fruits and Vegetables in French | Learn French easy - YouTube 


Week commencing: 18/11/2021 

Hi everyone! 

I hope everyone is ok and keeping safe!! I want to say a huge thank you to you all for your absolutely fantastic work last week! I am so proud of everything that you achieved in your online learning and loved looking at what you have all been up to! Keep up the amazing work this week!! 

The photos for the setting description for Tuesday and Wednesday can be found below the list of documents along with the video of the story "After the fall." You can also access the Netflex document below the photos for the setting description and a link to youtube to practice your French colours. 

Remember to have fun with all of your learning and to get in touch if you need support with anything.  Keep safe! Have a great week everybody! 

 Monday possessive apostrophe .pdfDownload
 Monday division white rose.pdfDownload
 Tuesday Auckland factfile .pdfDownload
 Wednesday - Setting description example .pdfDownload
 Wednesday division problems.pdfDownload
 Wednesday Kiwi.pdfDownload
 Thursday division word problems.pdfDownload
 Friday division problem solving.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Spelling Term 2A.pdfDownload
 week 3.pdfDownload
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Tuesday description 1, 2, 3: 

Use the NETFLEX document below to keep you active at home! 

French colours: LEARN FRENCH COLOURS / COLORS - YouTube


Week Commencing: 11/1/2021

Hi everybody!! 

Thank you for all of the amazing work that you did last week! I hope you all enjoyed the well-being day on Wednesday! 

This week, we are starting our new topic - Meeting Maori's - a New Zealand adventure! 

Our English and topic work will be based around this and for our Maths, we will learn about multiplication, division and fractions. I have put the documents below in order of when you will need them based on the timetable. Some activities will also be online using Education City, Purple Mash and Phonics Play. Please don't worry about printing off any documents. All of the work can be completed as written work, copying the headings etc or writing out the calculations in maths. Please take any photos of work when it is completed. For the maps, these can be edited and labelled on the computer using paint. 

Flashcards for phonics can be found beneath the first set of links. 

Don't forget to send me any photos of your super work!! 

Remember to keep active and keep safe! 

Have fun with all of your learning and remember to contact me if you need any support. 

The video below is the text map for our story "How the kiwi bird got its brown feathers."

 week 2.pdfDownload
 How the kiwi bird got its brown feathers.pdfDownload
 Text map - how the kiwi bird got its brown feathers.pdfDownload
 Monday - boxing up.pdfDownload
 The story of Kupe and Te Wheke Tuesday.pdfDownload
 Tuesday - boxing up.pdfDownload
 Tuesday New Zealand map to label.pngDownload
 Tuesday world map label.pngDownload
 New Zealand map to support labelling.pdfDownload
 Wednesday character ice berg.jpgDownload
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Please find the flashcards for phonics below (these can also be found on the Phonics Play website and also on the Speed Trial game on Phonics Play. 

 phase 3.1.pdfDownload
 phase 3.2.pdfDownload
 phase 3.3.pdfDownload
 phase 5a.1.pdfDownload
 phase 5a.2.pdfDownload
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Good Morning and Happy New Year to you all! 

We hope you are all well and have all had a lovely Christmas and New Year and that Santa brought you lots of lovely treats.

Below is an overview of your learning for the rest of this week.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Remember, Wednesday is Wellbeing day, so please stay in your pyjamas or wear comfy clothes all day!


**Many of you may not have access to your logins for Education City, Purple Mash or TT Rockstars.  Please could you email me at the above address and I will send your logins and passwords to you.  You will need these to access some of your learning activities**


Could you please take photos of your home learning and email them over to me.  We can then share them on our class page to show what amazing learners we are!

There are links for you to access at the bottom of our class page to support further home learning as well as the work set.

Please continue your super reading at home and practice the spellings in your books each week.

 week 1.pdfDownload
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Welcome to our class page! Look at all of the exciting things that we have been doing in the Squirrel class.... 

We had our nocturnal animals topic day today! We transformed our classroom into a night time world and went on a nocturnal animal hunt. We "toasted" marshmallows on the campfire, watched the "Wind in the Willows," completed a nocturnal animals quiz and word scramble and we did some nocturnal animals crafts. 

We had a topic day to complete our learning about the Great Fire of London and People who help us!

We made a street out of carboard houses and set fire to them to see how the Great Fire of London spread. We also pretended to be Thomas Faryner, the baker, and made our own bread using the slow cooker. 

We also pretended that we were helping the people in London to put the fire out by standing in a line and passing the buckets along the line. We did this in teams and then we did it as a whole class. 

We tasted our bread in the afternoon - it tasted as good as it smelled - and some of us described it as delicious! 

We have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We made houses from carboard boxes and we enjoyed playing in the role play corner - we were pretending to be bakers.