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Welcome to our website!

We are a small village school set in large grounds with super children, friendly staff and supportive parents and governors!

Our school ethos is to create a safe, caring, happy and stimulating learning environment where everyone feels valued and included in our school family. Our school motto 'We can... We will!' highlights our drive to aim for personal excellence in all we do!

Our committed staff provide an environment where individual needs are met to enable all our children to achieve their full potential and equip them with life skills necessary to prepare them for their future... And for them to leave each day with a smile on their face!

If you would like to book an appointment t come and look at our school in action, please ring to book an appointment.

Thank you for visiting!

Mrs Carla Norris (Headteacher)

Fox Class

Welcome to Fox Class!

Home Learning


Easter Activities

Hi Foxes! It has been great to hear from soo many of you the last couple of weeks! I am very proud of the effort you have been putting with your home learning! During these next two weeks it is time to have some fun and enjoy doing some Easter activities at home with your families. Make the most of this time to do activities that you love. I'm going to do some writing, maybe I will eventually write the book that I have always wanted to write.

Stay safe and Happy Easter! Love Miss Disney x


Below are some activities you can do over the next two weeks:

Reading :

 Chose your favourite book and answer any three of the reading homework questions from your reading record.

Reading challenge: Read in an unusual place and send me a photograph.
I would love to put these on the school website.


Topic: (Chose one or more of the activities)

  • Decorate an egg and send me a photograph.
  • Explore work by different artists and create your own work in the style you are most intrigued by.
  • Create a poster to advertise your favourite Easter Egg. (Think carefully about a catchy slogan.)
  • Create an Easter themed game using '2 Code' on Purple Mash.
  • Create an Easter animation using '2 Animate' on Purple Mash.
  • Or think of your own idea and send me an email to share the interesting thing you have chosen to do.

Foxes Home Learning Gallery 

Week 1 & 2

Home Learning


Week Commencing 30.3.20

Hi Foxes, I miss you all very much! I hope you are all well and keeping yourselves safe. I have really enjoyed marking your online work, it really is amazing to see soo many of you putting in lots of effort with your home learning. Keep up the fantastic work!!! I know there was a few technical difficulties with Education City last week but I believe these have now been resolved so the children shouldn't have a problem accessing this. If you do have any further difficulties or would like to share any of the children's home learning then please email me.


Maths: (Red Foxes)

1. Complete Red Foxes - Home Learning (Week 2) on Education city.

2. Challenge: How many different ways can you make £1. Think of at least 10 different ways and record your results.


Maths: (Grey Foxes)

1. Research Roman Numerals and practise reading and writing numbers to 1000 in Roman numerals.

2. Complete 'Grey Foxes - Home Learning (Week 2) on Education City.



1. Read chapter 2 of 'The Settlers' and complete the reading quiz.

2. Task - 'The Dream'

Write a story that may be inspired by a strange dream that you have had in the past or innovate a story you know well to make it your own. Remember a basic story has 5 parts: opening, build up, dilemma, resolution and ending. Therefore, your story should have at least 5 paragraphs. Try to use interesting vocabulary to describe the setting and characters. You can also use the prompts on the activity to help develop your writing.



Create a leaflet to explain to children why it is important to brush their teeth. You may also want to give some advise on how to brush your teeth and some extra interesting facts about teeth.

(This will be set as a to do on purple mash but you can do this on paper instead and email me a picture of your completed leaflet.)


Home Learning 

Week Commencing 23.3.20

Please complete the following two tasks during the week. 

 1. Practise your times tables on Timestable Rockstars (these are personalised for the children). 

  Extension (optional): Create a poster, poem or song to help you to remember them. You could use Spark Video to create this, which is free to download.

 2. Red Foxes - Complete the learning games on 'Red Foxes - Home Learning (Week 1)' My City on Education City.

     Grey Foxes - Complete the learning games on 'Grey Foxes - Home Learning (Week 1)' My City on Education City.

     These will appear in your My cities area on Monday morning.


Please complete the following two tasks during the week. These will appear as an alert on Monday morning.

 1. Read chapter 1 of 'The settlers' on Purple Mash and complete the reading quiz.

 2. Complete the task 'Ash's Diary' on Purple Mash.

 Additional learning (optional): Access your 'SPAG - Red Foxes' or 'SPAG - Grey Foxes' My city on Education City.



 Complete the Human Teeth Activity on Purple Mash. (This will appear as an alert on Monday morning.)


 If you have any queries about the learning activities above then you can contact me via email for support at:


New work will be posted on the website by midday each Monday except during the official holidays. Please check the website for work updates and remember to use the websites below to access further learning. 


Remember to use the targets sent home in the parents evening notes. These are essential skills that the children need to use and master by the end of the year. Please do these alongside the tasks set above! 


We have prepared a list of useful websites that you can access from home with free membership during the time your child is off school. 

Please use these as an extra learning resource as and when you need to: - year 3 link - year 4 link

 Make a record of books that you have read in the back of your reading record.

World Book Day

Open Center Visit

The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the open center. They listened enthusiastically to the different members of staff who made the experience both educational and engaging.  Highlights of the day included trying the food that was shared with us in the Gurdwara, although it was a little spicy for some, and role playing as member of or guests at a Jewish wedding.

Yoga Bugs

Trumpet Club

Numbers Day 2020

Fibonacci numbers sequence.

The children used excellent reasoning skills to solve and understand this number sequence.

Measure me activity

Fractions Frenzy

The children had to find unit and non-unit fractions of an amount whilst also competing in a relay race. It was very challenging but the children worked together in their house teams to succeed at this activity. Well done Foxes! 

Stone Age Trip

Fox class had a fantastic day at Derby museum!

We learnt lots of facts about the Stone age, explored ancient artifacts and asked lots of interesting questions.

South America

Topic Day

The children have learnt to make a traditional Brazilian treat Brigadeiro. They were delicious.

We also tasted a range of fruit that was grown in South America: mango, bananas, avocado, passion fruit, blueberries, melon and watermelon.

Before eating the fruit, the children did some observational drawings. We certainly have some super artistic skills in Fox Class.

We even had a South American workout. The children had lots of fun learning and then creating some of their own Zumba routines.

Hello Yellow

KS2 have been developing their football skills this afternoon. It has been fun to work together in our house teams!

The children are very excited about learning to play the trumpet! 

They are very excited about being able to take them home to practice more!

Grey Foxes have been problem solving using loop cards today.

The children were very excited today for our first music lesson. We learned how to keep a beat with our feet, and follow a rhythm with our voices.


We can't wait to start learning a brass instrument!!


Our first day has been very busy. The best part was our Frog Jump problem solving activity.


A special well done to Michael for being the first to solve the problem!